NYK Line Tokyo

Long established and reputable, NYK Line is one of the top 10 global container carriers, as well as being a member of strategic alliances, with a view to constructing the largest service-route network in the World.  Beirut is served on a weekly basis from Japan and the Far East.



NYK RoRo operates the largest fleet of car carriers in the World, to include the industry’s most flexible and sophisticated (RoRo) roll-on/roll-off vessels. Offering regular sailings to and from the major ports around the globe NYK can handle virtually any request and perform in accordance with the highest quality standards.



(As agents of Sharaf Shipping, Dubai)

Car Carriers primarily serving the Korean motor industry



United European Car Carriers being Europe's leading short sea RoRo operator, dedicated to the needs of the automotive industry. Transporting around 1.5 million RORO units a year operating a fleet of 23 Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs), all of which have been designed or adapted to meet the necessary flexibility and efficiency requirements of the short sea market. 


(As agents of the Scandinavian Near East Agency)

A regular liner service from the East Coast of South America to the Mediterranean, operating modern tonnage.


Hellasco shipping

Specializes in offering services for transporting forest products from Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea to The East Mediterrnian using conventional tonnage.


Elmar Shipping

Founded in 1994, Elmar Athens offers a regular liner service with own vessels between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean/Black Sea.



TransProCon is a market leader in project and contract transports, transporting oversized and heavy cargo all over the world. Using fully owned as well as commercially controlled Ro/Ro and Lo/Lo vessels.


Brointermed Lines Ltd

Brointermed Lines Ltd is one of the leading shipping lines serving North Africa from the North Continent, UK, Portugal and Mediterranean ports through multipurpose vessels with the ability to carry general and project cargo. BroIntermed have just introduced a weekly container service connecting the Adriatic and Mediterranean sides of Italy and Turkey to Beirut with exports from Beirut to same destinations in addition to Egypt and Algiers.